barking spider

We had done a shoot years ago, but I was thrilled to get to shoot this lovely human again for the project. Enjoy!

Much more of Spider on her (NSFW) Page 2. Or you could also check out our shoot from 2013 (also NSFW).

About Spider’s Tattoos
1. Back tattoo by Eon Johnson – graphic art bird sitting on a branch. Sun in the background and columbine flowers in the foreground. Bird tattoo symbolizes freedom. I believe I should work on giving myself the freedom to make mistakes and be less hard on myself.

2. Phoenix behind the ear (need to look up artist) – the Phoenix symbolizes change…”out of the ashes I am born again.” Before moving to CO I took some pain pills (14 pills that were luckily too old to work) with a wine chaser. Spent 3 days in a mental hospital, which was an adventure. When I moved here a couple months later I decided that I needed to change, so I am constantly working on myself. Climbing out of the ashes over and over.

3. Dooms Daisies tattoo by Justin Schomig. Daisy flower with a skull in the center. Represents my roller derby home team with the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls.

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