coyote (round 2)

So this is a first for the Rocky Mountain Tattoo Project (but it won’t be the last) — please welcome Coyote to the project for the second time!

Here are the links to her 2015 photos:

Page 1
Page 2 (NSFW)


lux volta (page 2)

lux volta

It took me a stupidly long time to get this latest set online, but hopefully you’ll agree that it was worth the wait! Lux Volta, ladies and gentlemen!

Oh, and it must be your lucky day, because there’s more of Lux on her (NSFW) Page 2.

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Don’t forget to check out (NSFW) PAGE 2 for more Lux!

About Lux’ Tattoos
Tattoos have a way of allowing you to share your stories and feelings with the world. Each one for me is a representation of a time or place I needed to seal into my soul. A reminder that sometimes the pain in this life is what makes us each beautiful.

I must say my favorite is the roller skate on my left arm. It is an actual replica of my Grandmother’s skate from 1940s. Her and my grandfather met at a roller rink and after falling in love traveled the country doing what we call now Jam skate shows! I’m so proud to share a passion with them and a piece of their history!

I have had the pleasure of working with several artist. The two that own most of my real estate are…

Erik Campbell @ The Black Pearl Tattoo in Grand Junction, CO
Lilith Jacobs @ Lady Luck Tattoo in Aurora, CO

Some other shop shout outs go to…
Voodoo Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV
The BeeHive in Branson, MO
Twisted Soul in Denver, CO

I’m thrilled to have found a local talented artist in fellow RMRG derby girl Sweetie Ramone! Thanks for making me proud of my body in only the way true art can!

rockit (page 2)


Hey, look! It’s a ref! So yes, this is the Rocky Mountain Tattoo Project and, technically speaking, Rockity Roller is not affiliated with the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. But that seems like a dumb reason not to include her in the project. She refs a lot of our games, so that seems like a perfectly good excuse for inclusion, if you ask me. Arguably, refs shouldn’t really be linked to one team anyway, right? Plus, she’s an awesome human and I can do what I want. So there. Be sure to read more about her at the link at the bottom of the page.

Oh, and there’s more of Rockit on her (NSFW) Page 2.


>> Project: Rocky Mountain Tattoos <<

Don’t forget to check out (NSFW) PAGE 2 for more Rockit!

About Rockit’s Tattoos
I strongly encourage you to check out Rockit’s BLOG ENTRY about our shoot!

robin graves

From one full-contact sport to another! She came to us from the world of rugby and we’re lucky to have her…meet Robin Graves!


>> Project: Rocky Mountain Tattoos <<

About Robin’s Tattoos

Peace/Love/World Tat: My 1st tattoo. Grew up in St. Louis and crossed the river into East St. Louis to get this done. Was doing a research paper on tattoos for a college class. No idea who or where I actually got this but I did get an A on my paper. Chose this design but I do believe in and want Peace and Love in the world. I have hippie inclinations I guess.

Lion Tat: My 2nd tattoo. Got it at Bound by Design on Colfax. Do not remember the guys name but he was amazing! I brought in a copy of the lion I wanted drawn and he free-handed it on my skin. Yes, I am a Leo too.

Road Runner Tat: My 3rd. Also done at Bound by Design. I used to be REALLY fast when I was younger and playing rugby. They used to be a sponsor of the rugby team I played for and I had won so much in free tattoos from them during a raffle.

Smiley Face Tat: My 4th. Bound by Design, with the raffle winnings. I just am a fan of smiley faces.

Darwin Fish Tat: My 5th. Bound by Design. I’m an Archaeologist so believe in the whole evolution thing.

Four Leaf Clover Tat: My 6th. Tribal Rites in Fort Collins. This is when my tats start getting way more meaningful. When my mom passed away I wanted something to make me think of her and smile. I always remember us going in the backyard when I was a kid and looking for 4-leaf clovers. She could ALWAYS find them and I was amazed at it. Good childhood memory. The design came from one of my friends who’s an artist and was just drawing different options on what the leaf could look like and I liked how they all looked different and weren’t connected. I felt that represented me and my family the best in that we are/were connected but yet not. Plus, I like abstract art so seemed perfect for me.

Strength Tat: My 7th. Smokey Banana in Broomfield. I felt I also needed something to remind me of my dad and that I am a strong person because of him. He also passed away (many years before my mom) and he was a very Red Foreman from that 70s show kinda dad. Tough love and all. So, I decided to go with a tattoo that symbolized me holding hands with strength (the part that wraps around my hand).

sweetie ramone (page 2)

sweetie ramone

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more universally adored human than Sweetie Ramone. Not only does she have a bunch of awesome tattoos, but she’s also blessed hundreds of lucky people with tattoos of their own. Enjoy the photos, and please be sure to read what Sweetie wrote at the bottom of the page.

And, as luck would have it, there’s also a NSFW page 2 — CLICK HERE.


>> Project: Rocky Mountain Tattoos <<

See more of Sweetie on the (NSFW) — PAGE 2.

About Sweetie’s Tattoos
I wrote a lot of things about a lot of my tattoos but ultimately realized that everything about them is very personal. After spending some time tattooing and getting tattooed I realized that the meaning we assign to our tattoos, regardless of how silly or serious they may be, is special to us because we make it special. I can explain the individual moments of my tattoos, but I honestly can’t express what the experience of wearing them means to me. Every tattoo I have is a perfect, awkward, fun, heart breaking moment, and here are the amazing people that have contributed to that chronology.

  • Eileen Fabbricatore
  • Molly Tsunami
  • Sister Bear
  • Jim Anderson
  • Samuel Silva
  • Sara Renna
  • Gordon Milne
  • Jon Gonzalez
  • Tom Bruckner
  • Robb Park
  • And my personal favorite, and fellow Eagles: Morfiend, DopeaMean, Zoom Bayou
  • Oh, and Sweetie Ramone!

leah velocity 2009

Sometimes I go wandering through old photo sets and find new things that I like. Here’s one from 2009 that I hadn’t previously edited…

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