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Last week, I added photos from my shoot with TraGek to the Rocky Mountain Tattoos project. The photos for that project are all shot against a black background. Since we also shot against white when we got together, you now get MORE photos.

I thought I’d try something new — let me know in the comments how you feel about the slideshow format…

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tragek (page 2)


So this is a first! This shoot wasn’t actually set up as a Rocky Mountain Tattoos shoot. TraGek and I had talked about shooting for a while, but I didn’t actually know that she had tattoos. After the shoot, it occurred to me that I had included former Rocky skaters in the past, so why not include TraGek in the project as well?!? So here we are!

(Fun Fact: There will be another TraGek post soon as we also have some images to share with the world that don’t fit the tattoo project style.)

Oh, and be sure to check out the NSFW Page 2!





Don’t forget to check out the NSFW Page 2!

a. nonny mouse (page 2)

a. nonny mouse

The first anonymous contributor to the tattoo project!

You’ll probably want to check out the (NSFW) Page 2.







Don’t forget to check out (NSFW) page 2!

violet a. saultz

Violet A. Saultz is one of the most genuinely GOOD people you’ll ever meet (unless she’s hitting you on the track, I suppose). She also makes for a lovely photography subject. Enjoy!









About Saultz’ Tattoos

First tattoo: Pig Face flower on my hip. Done at Sleevemasters in Sydney, Australia. This is one of the flowers I planted while doing Bushland regeneration volunteer work in Australia.

Second tattoo: Moon and Stars on my back. Done by Pat at Revolver Ink (Immortal Ink when I got inked) in New Brunswick, NJ. My sisters and I all have the same tattoo; the stars are the colors of our birthstones.

Third tattoo: “the journey is the destination” across my feet. Done by Kristy at Bound by Design on Colfax, Denver, CO. Just the mantra I try to live by every day.

Fourth tattoo: Barn Owl on my shoulder. Done by Adam at Fallen Owl Tattoo Studio in Lakewood, CO. This was for a charity event for Nature’s Educators, and since I volunteer rehabilitating injured raptors, I participated.

Fifth tattoo: Violets on my ankle. Done at Downtown Tattoo in New Orleans, LA. I got violets, my derby namesake, to decorate the sweet scar I have on my ankle from a derby break.

Sixth tattoo: Shamrock on my ribs. Done by Wolfman Frank at End of Days Tattoo on Colfax, Denver, CO. It was Friday the 13th. And i’m Irish. So that happened.

Seventh tattoo: Sugar Skull Derby Girl on my thigh. Done by Jason at Phantom 8 in Englewood, CO. The Sugar Kill Gang decided we’d immortalize our awesomeness with team tattoos. Jason not only designed and inked a beautiful tattoo, but he put up with practically a whole derby team in his studio for a whole day.

coyote (page 2)


This lovely jammer joined Rocky Mountain fairly recently and has rapidly climbed up the ranks, making her debut with our top team at the recent WFTDA playoff tournament in Tucson.

Check out the NSFW page 2 for more photos of Coyote (including a better look at the awesome tattoo of herself on her left arm!)










I was reminded of this shoot from almost exactly three years ago and decided to play around with this previously unedited photo.

Love it? Hate it?



A collection of performance photographs.

DWP_0297 DWP_0097 DSC_0008 DWP_0354 DWP_0114 DSC_0180 DSC_0023 DWP_0870 DSC_0013 DWP_0301 DWP_0140 DWP_0052


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