shaniqua m. brink

This lovely woman is a relatively new addition to the derby world, and we couldn’t be happier to have her!


About Shaniqua’s Tattoos
OK so for those of you that don’t know the band In This Moment, they are absolutely my favorite by far! When I first met Kiki and Dustin we started talking about them and how much we love their music. That’s when Dustin gave me my derby name, S** M**** B*****. It is one of my absolute favorite songs by in this moment and helped me through so many difficult times. When I was in college, I survived a six-year abusive relationship which finally came to an end in 2011. I was moving out of my apartment as well as my ex fiancé’s… listening to Pandora radio when I suddenly started listening to the lyrics of ITM, discovered who they were and instantly fell in love. I particularly connected with the lead singer, Maria Brink. She too is a survivor of abuse and I very much connected to all of that. I started writing her letters in 2012 and then finally was able to see her in concert two times here in Denver. I waited for hours after her show to try to meet her, and luckily my patience paid off! I got to meet her, talk to her and hug her. The funny part is that she knew exactly who I was and mentioned she had received all of my letters. She told me to be “a strong beautiful goddess and that survivors like us need to stick together”. I am so incredibly honored that I had the opportunity to meet her and let her know how much she has impacted my life. I have her face tattooed on my left thigh with song lyrics, “you’ll love me for everything you hate me for”. I thought it was fitting with roller derby being that everyone always says “if you respect me you will hit me,” so basically, you will love my hits, but you’ll hate me for the pain I cause 😉

As far as the back of my neck, it is Maria Brink’s autograph the lead singer of in this moment. I got it the day after she sent me a blood mask in the mail with her autograph.

The gun tattoos are pretty self-explanatory. I started shooting when I first moved here after surviving in abusive relationship. I decided I wanted to be my own hero and never allow anyone to hurt me ever again. For the past 4 1/2 years I have won the Annie Oakley award for one of the best shooters in Denver County. But of course the most important thing about guns is safety!

The phoenix on my left love handle represents the Holy Spirit to watch over me. I got it right before I left for college and I pretend like it has what has saved me from dying many times.

The lips on my rib cage are my best friend’s lips. She and I have been through the absolute worst times. We have been best friends for almost 20 years and decided to get that tattoo of each other’s lips to celebrate after she had her daughter. Which of course is now my goddaughter.

The tattoo that says “me” on it was put there after I moved to Denver and broke off my engagement. I got it to remind me that from now on I live for me and only me. I don’t belong to anyone but myself.

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