lux volta

It took me a stupidly long time to get this latest set online, but hopefully you’ll agree that it was worth the wait! Lux Volta, ladies and gentlemen!

Oh, and it must be your lucky day, because there’s more of Lux on her (NSFW) Page 2.

Don’t forget to check out (NSFW) PAGE 2 for more Lux!

About Lux’ Tattoos
Tattoos have a way of allowing you to share your stories and feelings with the world. Each one for me is a representation of a time or place I needed to seal into my soul. A reminder that sometimes the pain in this life is what makes us each beautiful.

I must say my favorite is the roller skate on my left arm. It is an actual replica of my Grandmother’s skate from 1940s. Her and my grandfather met at a roller rink and after falling in love traveled the country doing what we call now Jam skate shows! I’m so proud to share a passion with them and a piece of their history!

I have had the pleasure of working with several artist. The two that own most of my real estate are…

Erik Campbell @ The Black Pearl Tattoo in Grand Junction, CO
Lilith Jacobs @ Lady Luck Tattoo in Aurora, CO

Some other shop shout outs go to…
Voodoo Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV
The BeeHive in Branson, MO
Twisted Soul in Denver, CO

I’m thrilled to have found a local talented artist in fellow RMRG derby girl Sweetie Ramone! Thanks for making me proud of my body in only the way true art can!

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