sweetie ramone

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more universally adored human than Sweetie Ramone. Not only does she have a bunch of awesome tattoos, but she’s also blessed hundreds of lucky people with tattoos of their own. Enjoy the photos, and please be sure to read what Sweetie wrote at the bottom of the page.

And, as luck would have it, there’s also a NSFW page 2 — CLICK HERE.


See more of Sweetie on the (NSFW) — PAGE 2.

About Sweetie’s Tattoos
I wrote a lot of things about a lot of my tattoos but ultimately realized that everything about them is very personal. After spending some time tattooing and getting tattooed I realized that the meaning we assign to our tattoos, regardless of how silly or serious they may be, is special to us because we make it special. I can explain the individual moments of my tattoos, but I honestly can’t express what the experience of wearing them means to me. Every tattoo I have is a perfect, awkward, fun, heart breaking moment, and here are the amazing people that have contributed to that chronology.

  • Eileen Fabbricatore
  • Molly Tsunami
  • Sister Bear
  • Jim Anderson
  • Samuel Silva
  • Sara Renna
  • Gordon Milne
  • Jon Gonzalez
  • Tom Bruckner
  • Robb Park
  • And my personal favorite, and fellow Eagles: Morfiend, DopeaMean, Zoom Bayou
  • Oh, and Sweetie Ramone!

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