sophie’l the pain

Finally, another addition to the project! She recently jetted off to New York, and we already miss her — the lovely Sophie’l the Pain…

Check out the NSFW Page 2 from more…

About Sophie’s Tattoos
Rose on wrist: This was my first tattoo done by Will Mordecai at Certified Customs. I got this when I was 16 to cover up a not so great stick and poke I did with a friend.

Left thigh: My derby piece! This was my second tattoo, drawn and tattooed by Kevin Hennessy at Landmark Tattoo.

Right shoulder blade/side: The watercolor on my shoulder blade and the geometric design along my right side were my third and fourth tattoos, both by Eon at Mr. Tanks Tattoos.

Right Bicep: Taco Dad! My fifth tattoo and one of my favorites done by the amazing Sweetie Ramone (er, Lilith Jacobs I guess..) at Lady Luck Tattoo.

Ankle: Another amazing piece by Sweetie! It was my 18th birthday tattoo and is a cover up of another stick and poke I had.

Stomach: My seventh tattoo, done by Amy Shapiro at Lifetime Tattoo. Done on impulse, just because.

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