chi chi chong

I’m excited to welcome the lovely Chi Chi Chong to my little tattoo project! Enjoy the photos!

…and, of course, check out (NSFW) page 2 for more of Chi Chi.







About Chi Chi’s Tattoos

The one on my ankle, that’s my first. 18 years ago. When I had my son. It says “JJ” his name, over a dainty rose.

My MADNESS is my matching tattoo my wife and I share. The name of a song by Muse, it’s the right word for our love.

I have a space theme going on for my sleeve. I’ve always been head higher than the clouds, and I’m into astronomy and astrology. I’ve got sun signs for myself (gemini), my 2 kids (Pisces), and my father who passed away (Aquarius). Most of my sleeve has been a cover up, covering some old space stuff, that wasn’t what I wanted.

My chest piece is my permanent necklace I got done about 6 years ago. I couldn’t find a necklace I could wear all the time, so I made a permanent one!

My alien woman, (left forearm) she is a reminder for me, that it’s always mind over matter, as she tries to heal the dead bird with her mind, that is attached with wires to the birds brain.

I’ve got song lyrics by Stained that read, “….tomorrow will be OK….”, A spur of the moment to remind me that whatever happens today, can be started anew tomorrow.

Lastly, my most recent is my vintage hand mirror with a galaxy reflection. That’s what I see when I look into the mirror, I am a universe, all trapped into this human body!

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