Mars is an up-and-coming jammer at RMRG and an all-around awesome person. I love that she brought a prop to match her back tattoo! Check it out…

Once you’ve had a look at these, don’t miss the (NSFW) Page 2.








Don’t forget to check out the NSFW Page 2!

About Mars’ Tattoos

The image on my back was inspired by a book cover for The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. I took that simple yet surreal image of the hands holding up a bowler hat to my friend Kevin Hennessy at Landmark Tattoo and he came up with this fun, circus-y surrealist image. That was in 2014.

On the inside of my left arm there is a stick and poke tattoo of a grandfather clock with crescent moons on either side. This was my first tattoo. It is based off the first line of a Robert Louis Stevenson poem saying “The moon has a face like the clock in the hall…” My friend Dani did it while she was staying with me in this basement apartment I was living in when I first moved to Denver around 2012.

Sometimes on Friday the 13th shops in Denver have deals on smaller tattoos. I went to one at Marion Street Tattoo in 2014 and got a small sinking ship on my leg.

I also have smaller stick and poke tattoos. A tiny heart on the inside of my right hand is my favorite of those. It feels like a secret. 🙂

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