Sometimes you get lucky and someone enters your roller derby world with a bang. KT is brand new to derby and has already NSO’d a sanctioned game, crushed her 27-in-5, and stopped by for an awesome photo shoot! Here’s hoping we see KT zipping around the track for many years to come.

Once you’ve scrolled through these, check out the (NSFW) Page 2.









Don’t forget to check out the NSFW Page 2!

About KT’s Tattoos

Right ankle (inner) – Equal sign – To symbolize Equality for all. 2007 @ Tattoo shop in Puyallup, WA

Left foot (top) – Japanese character for strength. 2007 @ Tattoo shop in Puyallup, WA

Right bicep (inner) – Logo from the ‘Girl on Girl’ clothing line…this is the only tattoo I will probably get covered at some point. It was a spur the moment (drunk) decision, in Vegas….well we all know how that goes… 2009 @ Tattoo shop in Las Vegas, NV

Left bicep (inner) – Traditional style anchor with roses and a sailor hat. This tattoo is for my grandpa who has probably been the single most influential human in my life. It has his ship number from WWII and a banner with his nickname, “Kahu Fisk” across the top. He was a pastor for over 60 years and spent a significant time in Hawaii for his ministry. “Kahu” im Hawaiian means “shepherd” and “Fisk” is his last name. This was an endearing term that people all over the world referred to him throughout my life and it always displayed a sense of respect and honor to me. 2009 – Golden Eagle Tattoo by Horacio

Left shoulder – sparrow flying through a storm with a banner saying ‘love never fails’ This tattoo is for my grandma. She has always been a sense of strength and security in my life and she always told me…’even sparrows are taken care of through hard times, surely so will you’ 2010- Landmark Tattoo – Denver, CO by Seth.

Left Forearm (inner) – Irish Claddagh in traditional tattoo style with “mom” across a banner. I got this tattoo for my mom because she loves the claddagh symbol of love and friendship…she also really dislikes tattoos and Im pretty sure is still angry at me for dedicating one to her. smile emoticon 2011 @ Landmark Tattoo in Denver, CO by Seth.

Right wrist (inner) – ‘Love’ written on my wrist by my wife in her hand writing. She has a matching one on her wrist written by me. 2012- peter tattoo – Denver, CO

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