We’re long overdue for an addition to the project!

Don’t forget to check out the (NSFW) page 2!








Don’t forget to check out the NSFW Page 2!
About SW’s Tattoos
1. left arm: insects and plant life. My first. Started as a band and added the rest a few years later. I originally asked for black tribal band. Thank God the artist didn’t let me go with that plan!
2. top of spine, Celtic eternal star. Helping my friend complete his apprenticeship. Two friends have the same thing on their backs.
3. Band on left leg. Shooting star/outer space. My mom had a super-70s shooting star on her shoulder, so I wanted a modern version.
4. Shamrock, right side of my neck. Because Irish.
5. Star, inside right arm. Drinking and tattooing don’t mix. This is my mistake..
6. right arm-ocean/coral reef. Because I love the ocean and don’t get to it enough. And it’s pretty.
7. right thigh: sugar bowl. Because I’m a Sugar. SKG!
8. right thigh-Swallow (bird) Matches with my wife (Harper) The newest.

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