Please welcome the lovely Clitterference to my little tattoo project!


About Clitter’s Tattoos

Lillies on my left forearm- done at alternative arts tattoo, around 5 years ago.
Lilies are my favorite flower, they are definitely my most feminine tattoo.

Sun on left calf- done at dragon fly design works 13 years ago, I have always liked Suns, moons and stars this was a design I picked out of some flash art.

Sun on back of neck- done by a friend 11 years ago as part of her tattoo apprenticeship. Another design I just picked out because I thought it was cool.

Sun/butterfly lower back- done at dragonfly design works 16 years ago, first tattoo, flash art, lower back…nuff said…not proud to have a tramp stamp

Zombie carebear right calf- done a year ago, by the very talented, fellow RMRG skater Sweetie Ramone. Originally this tattoo was just the moon and the star, it was very small and awkward, we decided to use the original tattoo as the tummy symbol rather than trying to cover it up, she designed the entire tattoo…it is my favorite tattoo.

Zombie my little pony right calf/murdering a smurf- done in July of this year, also by Sweetie Ramone, she designed this one as well, I absolutely LOVE zombies, I plan on making my entire right leg into a zombie collage, using all of my favorite childhood cartoons!

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