violet a. saultz

Violet A. Saultz is one of the most genuinely GOOD people you’ll ever meet (unless she’s hitting you on the track, I suppose). She also makes for a lovely photography subject. Enjoy!








About Saultz’ Tattoos

First tattoo: Pig Face flower on my hip. Done at Sleevemasters in Sydney, Australia. This is one of the flowers I planted while doing Bushland regeneration volunteer work in Australia.

Second tattoo: Moon and Stars on my back. Done by Pat at Revolver Ink (Immortal Ink when I got inked) in New Brunswick, NJ. My sisters and I all have the same tattoo; the stars are the colors of our birthstones.

Third tattoo: “the journey is the destination” across my feet. Done by Kristy at Bound by Design on Colfax, Denver, CO. Just the mantra I try to live by every day.

Fourth tattoo: Barn Owl on my shoulder. Done by Adam at Fallen Owl Tattoo Studio in Lakewood, CO. This was for a charity event for Nature’s Educators, and since I volunteer rehabilitating injured raptors, I participated.

Fifth tattoo: Violets on my ankle. Done at Downtown Tattoo in New Orleans, LA. I got violets, my derby namesake, to decorate the sweet scar I have on my ankle from a derby break.

Sixth tattoo: Shamrock on my ribs. Done by Wolfman Frank at End of Days Tattoo on Colfax, Denver, CO. It was Friday the 13th. And i’m Irish. So that happened.

Seventh tattoo: Sugar Skull Derby Girl on my thigh. Done by Jason at Phantom 8 in Englewood, CO. The Sugar Kill Gang decided we’d immortalize our awesomeness with team tattoos. Jason not only designed and inked a beautiful tattoo, but he put up with practically a whole derby team in his studio for a whole day.

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