peaker boo

I’ve had a lot going on recently and haven’t made much time for photography. But I’m super-excited to finally share these images of the lovely Peaker Boo — entry #14 in my tattoo project. I hope you love them!







About Peaker’s Tattoos

Sun/ Moon on ankle – This was my first tattoo, I was barely 18. I just picked flash off the wall at some random shop. It has always made me smile though. The happy sun and grumpy moon are me (sun) and my sister (moon).

Dragonfly/ Flower on foot – 2004 by Jim Anderson @ Bound By Design Denver, CO. I wanted a tattoo I could see all the time but had to be careful with placement because of my career. I LOVE this one!! I love everything dragonfly and butterfly and do a lot of gardening. I will be getting my other foot done at some point, but it might have to wait until after derby because the first one really took a while to fully heal – I spent a while not wearing shoes! I can’t imagine putting a skate on over a fresh tattoo.

Butterfly Faeries on my back – 2008 Ink by Jim Anderson @ Bound By Design Denver, CO – Artwork by Chana Peaker (modified for tattoo by Jim Anderson). This design was drawn by my daughter, Chana when she was in middle school. She is currently in college for animation and kicking ass! I’ll let you know when her first animated movie comes out 🙂 Needless to say, I am proud of her and wanted a piece of her art before she got too busy off in her world of art.

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