She may have left roller derby recently, but the fact that she left derby for rugby shows she’s one tough cookie. I hope you enjoy these images of our beloved Whack.








About Whack’s Tattoos
I started getting tattoos when I was 16 years old. My first tattoo was my name in Chinese characters on my ankle. It’s since been covered up with a feather that fades into a flock of birds in honor of the phrase “birds of a feather flock together.” My older sister has the same tattoo and we both got the tattoo after our brother’s passing in 2011. We plan to get scripture added to them at a later time. Another one of my most significant tattoos is a pin up of my mom down my right side. My mom means the world to me so I wanted to make a grand gesture to show her what she means to me and while she’s not the hugest fan of tattoos she’s always been supportive in my decision to put them on my body; all in all she was flattered by the gesture. I also have my zodiac sign, Libra, tattooed on my ankle. Some of my less significant tattoos include: cherries on my big toes, stars on top of my feet, a playboy bunny on my ankle, a black panther on my lower back, fairy wings on my upper back, a chest piece that includes a pair of sparrows and a modern take on a sugar skull, a lotus flower and butterflies on my stomach, Hello Kitty as Jason Voorhees (my first tattoo I got done on Friday the 13th) and a pair of lips with a skull in them on my upper pelvis, a flower on the back of my neck, a flaming heart on the small of my back, a mustache on the inside of my index finger, stars around both of my wrists, and the words “Let it be” on one of my wrists (inspired by the Beatles). Though many of my tattoos have no direct symbolic significance to me they are a part of who I am as an individual and I appreciate every last one for that reason. Most of my tattoos were done by a variety of artists at Lifetime Tattoo in Denver or by independent artists who have no ties to one particular shop.

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