Some people may not realize that skaters don’t just get to choose a “derby name” as soon as they decide that roller derby sounds like something they might want to get into. At Rocky Mountain, you have to spend months in training before becoming an official “league member” — and only then do you get to choose a derby name. I mention this here because today’s model just became a league member yesterday. I’m pleased to be doing my part today to introduce the world to the one and only Harassafras!

Be sure to CLICK HERE for more (NSFW) images of Harassafras!






Please also visit PAGE 2 (which is NSFW) for more of Harassafras!
About Harassafras’ Tattoos

Live forever: my first tattoo. I got it because my dad was sick for many years and I was very afraid of losing him. I wanted him to “live forever.” He passed in 2011.

Love is Respect: Because duh, it is. I was 19 and just got out of a shitty abusive relationship.

Pocket watch: I worked at a watch company starting in high school. We were a family there. My boss and a coworker died of cancer just a day over two months apart. I got it to celebrate them.

My Goldfish: Done by my awesome friend Jabb Keeler who I met at my first tattoo apprenticeship. I like goldfish. They’re cute.

Clock: This was the clock that my dad gave to my mom on their wedding day. It has hung in our house since before I was born. I got the tattoo for my parents who had just celebrated their 29th anniversary a week before he passed. Done by Jared Rice who is now at Th’Ink Tank Tattoo. (He also did the love is respect tattoo at Emporium).

Sugar-bird-skull: No reasoning behind this one. I got it in Poland in 2013. I wanted to be tattooed abroad 🙂

My Dad’s Portrait: Done by Kristy at Tribe

Ewok: Done by Nick Puma at Celebrity Tattoo. I’m planning on sleeving this calf with my Star Wars love.

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