ghostskate killah

My Rocky Mountain Tattoos project continues with the lovely Ghostskate Killah! Please enjoy and let me know what you think of the project so far.

Don’t miss the NSFW PAGE 2 for more Ghost!






Please also visit PAGE 2 (which is NSFW) for more of Ghostskate Killah!
About Ghost’s Tattoos
My first tattoo I wanted to have some meaning to, so I got the tattoo on my inner arm. It has a symbol for racial unity within it. Equality and human rights are issues I have always been passionate about. The star was kind of random, I just thought it would look cool. I was young. As for the poppies, I wanted a chest piece of flowers, and came across a painting in the newspaper by a Japanese artist named Kiyoshi Saito (the painting is “Red Poppies”, 1948), and was so interested in the painting that a year later I had it tattooed.

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