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The third contribution to my tattoo project comes courtesy of the lovely Rae Gunn. You can read about her tattoos at the bottom of this page.

Be sure to check out PAGE 2 (NSFW) for more lovely Rae photos!








Please also visit PAGE 2 (which is NSFW) for more of Rae Gunn!
About Rae’s Tattoos
All of my tattoos (with the exception of the one on my calf) were drawn by me.

My first one (the one on my neck) was done by Lee at Rhino’s Quad City Tattoo in ’99. Despite what some people think, it does NOT say anything (I’ve had people argue with me on what it says as well, which is funny because I drew it and it says nothing).

The next one, the tree on my arm, was also done by Lee in about 2001. This one’s always everyone’s favorite, as it looks like water color and instead of a heavy black outline, it has a light grey outline that adds to the wash of color look. I have actually had people argue with me on whether or not it’s actually a real tattoo (they think it’s painted on). I also fairly often have people think that the image is of broccoli.

The wings on my back were done with a single needle gun in my friend’s apartment in Savannah, GA, over about 7 hours in about 2003. It needs quite a bit of work, and I hope to either get it fixed or covered someday.

Sunflower on my shoulder, embarrassingly enough, I can’t remember who did it or exactly when (though I know that it was before the one on my calf)! Though, I do remember that it was done in Savannah as well. My favorite part of this one is that it moves with my arm, almost like a pivot joint.

Cage with wings on my calf was also done in Savannah in 2006, thought I forget the parlor where I got it done. This is the only one that I did not design and draw, and will likely be the only one ever that I did not design and draw. None of the rest of my tattoos are representational (I drew them, I liked them, I got them tattooed on my body) or are really tied to a personal story, belief or event. This one is probably the closest to having some sort of personal/emotional connection attached to it…I really should get it colored in someday! ::sigh::

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