harper bizarre

Post number ONE of The Roller Derby Tattoo Project features Harper Bizarre. Be sure to scroll down below the photos to read more about her tattoos!








About Harper’s Tattoos

Korie – Jim’s Tattoo Seabrook NH: http://jimstattoo.com/section/15188_Korie.html
* peony on lower back (I got this piece of art, because I love Korie’s flower paintings. I first saw them when he did my distlefink and fell in love with Korie’s art. It also marks my departure from the east coast. )
* distlefink aka bird on hip (got this one because it represents home for me, It’s the Pennsylvania Dutch symbol for friendship and good luck)

Karen – Elemental Ink Denver CO: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.133254853356815.25174.132706186745015&type=3
* origami crane (got this one to represent hope, 25th birthday)
* plum blossom shoulder piece (this represents tenacity and strength, 30th bday)

Shin – Sink the Ink Doylestown PA: http://www.sinktheink.net/artists
* “lorem ipsum” on inner left arm (this is my “yolo tattoo”, I got it because I could, the words literally have no meaning)

Unknown somewhere in Burlington VT
* blue butterfly on lower back (my first tattoo, I was 18, of course)

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