I’m finally getting caught up! These photos of another stunning aerialist were taken in February. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “anne

  1. You are a very good photographer, I bow myself in the dust. Some tips for a beginner in the nude art genre?

    • Thank you! Tips…hmm… (1) The importance of light cannot be overstated. Boring, flat lighting will leave you with ho-hum photographs of naked people that are only interesting because the person isn’t wearing clothing. (2) Move. Don’t just stay in one place and shoot (this is a note to myself when it comes to aerial shoots, actually…because it’s harder to do, but still important). And on a similar note, change the framing/cropping. Don’t just stick your model in the middle of the frame. (3) Find a good workshop/class and start there. This is a great way to start a portfolio…and it’s important to have some images you can show to potential models so that they can see that you’re not just some creep. (4) Above ALL else – be respectful. Never touch a nude model. Need to move a piece of hair or fabric? ASK if it’s OK first.

      • Thanks for the tip. Light is very important, I try to think of light every time I take pictures. For example my picture “sleeping beauty” I thought was good.

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