time to do something about my website


I’ve been giving some thought to making some changes to my website. I didn’t manage to update it a single time in 2011…and that’s just lame. There are a few reasons this happened, but the number one reason is that I got so far behind on adding to the “models” section that it just became overwhelming. So here’s what I’m thinking in terms of changes – I’d love to know what you think!

  • Remove the “Models” section. As mentioned above, it’s hard to keep up to date. Instead, I’ll use this blog to feature my favorite photos from each shoot. Writing blog posts like that is super-easy and I can do it within a few weeks of each shoot. In the past, the fact that Facebook and Flickr don’t like nudity (Flickr doesn’t care, but requires viewers to have an account) made this sort of idea problematic.
  • Add new portfolio sections:
    • Fashion/Beauty ~ I’ve been doing a lot more of this sort of work lately, so it seems logical for it to have a home
    • Performance ~ Not sure if there’s a better name, but I’ve got some non-nude aerial, ballet, pole dancing, etc. photos that need a home
  • Split “exhibits” into two sections — one for publications my work has appeared in and one for galleries
  • Improve my store. It’s not like I sell a lot of my work anyway, but making it easier to make online purchases can’t hurt, right?
  • Update photos in most (all?) sections. The Figure and Roller Derby sections really, really need to be updated. And I could probably stand to trim down the Figure section a bit.

Opinions/suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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